Test  and Tune 

Mod E/T Racing  Saturday  plus 2nd Chance Mod Race .

Hope to see you there.

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We work hard to provide the best Dragrace experience.

Family and children welcome.

Good place to tailgate and enjoy Fast Car Racing.

The best car racing value in the area.

Thanks for your support.

Nahunta Dragway Pit Stop.

We Grill while you chill.

Made fresh daily.

Bright leaf hot dogs.

cheese burgers.

Bologna sandwich.

Come check out our great food.


Always made to order your way.

All brands of soda.

Fresh made pork rinds.

nachos and cheese.

Chips and candy.

Many other items.

2019 Highlights

Get a taste of some the action that's happening on our track.

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Nahunta Dragway

3451 Nahunta Road, Pikeville, North Carolina 27863, United States

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